Browse by Tissues allows the user to browse PTM information according to the tissues used in the experiments.
C57BL/6 mouse liver Mouse liver 5771
P21 mouse liver Mouse liver 5157
Anthrax mouse spleen Mouse spleen 4474
HCC human liver Human liver 2726
Human liver Human liver 1925
Mouse liver Mouse liver 1630
Drosophila melanogaster embryos Drosophila melanogaster embryo 1540
Mouse brain Mouse brain 947
C57BL/6 mice brain Mouse brain 902
Human skeletal muscle Human muscle 899
Adult mice brain Mouse brain 816
Human Chang liver cells Human liver 698
Rat inner medullary collecting duct(IMCD) Rat spinal cord 582
Xenopus laevis embryos Xenopus laevis embryo 550
Zebrafish embryo Zebrafish embryo 528
Rat L6 myotubes Rat muscle 470
Human skin fibroblast Human skin 466
Mouse cortex Mouse brain 443
Human platelets Human blood 403
Rat liver Rat liver 399
Mouse brain postsynaptic density Mouse brain 375
Human blood Human blood 311
Mouse forebrain Mouse brain 292
Rat kidney inner medulla cells Rat kidney 252
HCC human plasma Human blood 232
Human brain Human brain 212
Sprague-Dawley rat renal cortex Rat kidney 170
Mouse forebrain synaptosome Mouse brain 156
Sprague-Dawley rat medullary thick ascending limb cells (mTAL) Rat spinal cord 155
Mouse liver cell plasma membrane Mouse liver 139
Poplar dormant terminal buds Poplar bud 128
Human non-tumor liver Human liver 128
Normal human plasma Human blood 128
Human tumor liver Human liver 128
Medicago truncatula Jemalong A17 root tissue Medicago truncatula root 114
Human platelet plasma membranes Human blood 110
Human serum Human blood 108
Human saliva Human saliva 92
Arabidopsis leaf Arabidopsis leaf 92
Human urinary Human kidney 91
Mouse serum Mouse blood 78
Human plasma Human blood 71
Zea mays L.ecotype B73 leaf Zea mays leaf 58
Human lenses Human lens 58
Human cerebrospinal fluid Human brain 57
Mouse heart Mouse heart 45
HCC human sera Human blood 45
Mouse heart Mouse heart 45
Dark-grown Arabidopsis root cells Arabidopsis root 43
Bovine heart Bovine heart 36
Diabetic Goto-Kakizaki rat liver mitochondria Rat liver 35
Human platelet Human blood 35
Arabidopsis root cells Arabidopsis root 33
Rat brain Rat brain 18
Porcine heart mitochondria Pig heart 18
Porcine lens extracts Pig lens 18
Wistar rat heart mitochondria Rat heart 16
Fetal bovine serum Bovine blood 13
Zea mays L.ecotype B73 seeds Zea mays seed 11
Human blood plasma Human blood 10
Human hair Human hair 10
Human placenta Human placenta 9
Mouse dermis Mouse skin 8
Human tumor-bearing kidney Human kidney 8
Mouse epidermis Mouse skin 8
Rat uterus homogenate Rat uterus 7
Adult rat brain synaptosomes Rat brain 5
Mouse white adipose tissue Mouse adipose 4
Rat spinal cord Rat spinal cord 4
Femal Wistar rat uteri Rat uterus 4
Rat cardiac myofilament Rat heart 2