Data Query

The "Data Query" is a powerful engine to search of HBV genome, gene and proteins by using keyword through the database, such as Accession, Molecular Type, Host, Genotype, Subtype, Serotype, Sub-genomic Region, Length, Start Position, End Position, Protien Name, Protein ID, Isolate, Reference/PMID.

Integrative Analysis

Our database incorporated 8 sequence analysis tools in an analysis pipeline, including HBV genome sequence calibration, annotation, genotyping/sub-genotypes prediction, protein-functional-associated mutation analysis, drug resistant analysis, Blast, ClustalW, and Phylip. This pipeline may improve the analysis of HBV in the lab and clinical settings.

HBV related Disease

The hepatitis B virus (HBV) has a complex relationship to kidney and liver diseases. Our database have compiled a list of viral-host protein interactions from literature reported hepatitis B related diseases, which provides an resource to study the molecular mechanisms of interactive networks between virus and host proteins.

Drug Resistant Analysis

After the emergence of resistance mutations a genotypic resistance test based on the RT domain can be valuable for selecting an appropriate follow-up therapy. We use a graphical report to support a systematic validation of resistance profile identified from the various sequencing technologies.

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